One of the Best Tools For Manifesting


If you truly want to soar into your manifesting might, then you might try a little trick I have used in the past and still use, creating a recording to constantly remind you of what you are manifesting or where you are going.  It could also be used to remind you who you are. About 13 years ago I used it to create a more loving attitude and stress-free reaction to driving metropolitan buses through traffic and nasty passenger attitudes (or creepy bosses) andI found myself to be quite cheerful most days.  Instead of getting complaints I received quite a few commendations, not that they were my aim.  Going through your days happier is easier on you even more than it is on everyone else, trust me!

So here’s my playlist for moving to Bainbridge in my chosen home:


I made a recording with some background sounds of a rainy Thunderstorm (which helps me relax me) filled with statements about my goals/manifestation/future:  like “I am finished with my Doctorate” or “I am owner and living in the waterfront home of my choice on Bainbridge Island.”

As I listen to the playlist I find I barely register the speaking part, which becomes almost completely subliminal to me.  I play it when I sleep and when I wake and quite a lot throughout the day.  I set iTunes play to shuffle and repeat, so it only stops when I’m ready to stop it.  Hey if it can work for advertisers to make you run out and eat crap that is literally killing you with diabetes or to wear fashions that make and anorexic look fat, why not use the process to work for me instead of someone else!  The last time I did this I also manifested the car I still have, that I purchased by the day I deemed the day I’d have that car.

To be honest I have been exorbitantly distracted for the past year with the start of my dissertation and my almost constant panic with it, but I have calmed way down with the start of my new business/movement with my Levitating Mindsets founders. Now that we have the movement started…Hey– Levitating Mindsets Network…it does a body and life good!

I’m on my way!


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